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Off the Wall 1 is the first book in the Off the Wall series. It enables students to acquire a basic (Beginner’s) knowledge of English by following the extraordinary adventures of two siblings, their mysterious friend and his unusual dog.

Coursebook organisation

a Let’s remember! section at the beginning of the book, revising among other things, the alphabet, colours, numbers, days, months, -s/-es plurals, possessive case and prepositions of place
30 theme-based lessons that are three pages each and introduce new vocabulary and grammar as well as giving reading, speaking, listening and guided writing practice
6 Take a peek! Sections, each comprising a lead-in page before every set of five lessons, which includes the objectives of the five lessons to come, a song, and brain-teasers introducing the themes of these lessons
6 Revision sections, one after every set of five lessons, each of which includes vocabulary and grammar tasks
6 How about that! sections, featuring a set of cross-cultural themes that give students the opportunity to take learning beyond the classroom
an Out-Of-The-Box Jotter: an extra section at the back of the book, linked to the lessons that feature illustrations rather than photographs, encouraging free creative expression. Students jot down ideas, doodle or draw and release their imagination!