About us

One thing we know is that we are eager to learn and get better day by day.

Become fully aware of our roles and well established in our field of work. Our passion for languages along with our academic studies led us to create Hashtag Education in 2018.

Since then, a number of renown publishing houses have trusted us with their material and with the ultimate goal, to reach and get to know as many educators as possible. We aim to offer our customers specialized and affordable options in cooperation with some of the biggest European publishing houses.

Our company’s agents, with more than 10 years of experience in Educational Consulting, are here to support all of our clients with a better service. Along with developing our network of associates, we promote a more direct and efficient way of book distribution. Because for us you matter!

With lectures, trainings, presentations, and workshops we try to be right there, in every new book series adoption. We will be by your side, supporting you in every step of the way, cheering your success! Thank you for trusting us. We are beyond grateful for our collaboration.

Cheers to many more to come!