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In alto! is a new Italian language course that is aimed at adults and young adults learners.
Divided into 5 levels (from A1 to C1) in line with the indications of the Common European Framework for Languages.
It is structured around a story that presents the difficulties of three foreign children, who are studying in Italy and the relationship that they develop with native speakers.
Each volume of course comprises in a single text the book for the student and the knowledge consolidation exercises for homework.

in alto! A2 manual is composed of:
•10 units + 1 introductory unit
•5 Intermediate tests
•4 Self-evaluation tests
•Exercises with keys to stimulate individual study
+ Videogrammatics with whiteboarding
+ AUDIO CD with all the listening tracks of the units

Supplementary online material

Videogrammatica: A series of animated videos to be used for verification at the phase of the systematization of the grammatical structures.

Digital Teaching guide: downloadable for free, proposes teaching methods, instructions on how to do the lessons, keys to the activities

Free resources: glossaries, extra activities, games and much more material constantly updated