Where next… with Life Vision | Secondary

An A2 – C1 course for Secondary Students

Life Vision invites students to create their own unique vision of where language learning can take them.

Life Vision gives students the skills they need now to pass exams with confidence and communicate with ease in English.
Life Vision is built on a carefully-levelled and consistent grammar and vocabulary syllabus aligned to the CEFR. Packed with rich video features, Life Vision is ideally suited to today’s teenagers, offering relevant content with a modern approach. Interactive explorations with Vision 360° and new video content give students the skills they need to decide ‘where next?’.

Empower students to become responsible and successful with:

  • Global skills lessons
  • Mediation activities
  • Think and Share activities

Expand teenagers’ horizons by bringing the outside world in to your classroom.

  • 360° Interactive Images transport students to a real world.
  • Three videos per unit (vlogs, documentaries and grammar animations)
  • Topics are “googlable”, introducing learners to real issues that they want to find out more about.
  • Vocabulary Booster, Grammar Booster, and Grammar Reference sections

Prepare students for lifelong success and fulfillment in today’s dynamic, fast evolving world.

  • A clear mixed ability focus ensures that each student has an appropriate level of support and challenge.
  • Vocabulary learning focuses on the most useful and relevant words and phrases teenagers need to communicate in an English speaking environment today.
  • Exam preparation with exam style exercises, focused exam skills lessons, and tests to give students the skills and strategies to tackle not only the next exam, but future exams, with confidence.
  • Assessment for Learning

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