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Oxford Thinkers is a six level course designed to inspire curiosity, achievement, and critical thinking by asking the Big Questions. (Pre A1-B2)
How are people and animals different? Why do we learn things? What’s exciting about exploring?
Spark creativity and critical thinking with Big Questions. Explore fun projects included in each level designed to encourage collaboration and communication. The carefully structured approach of Oxford Thinkers combines hands-on projects with plenty of grammar activities and rich multi-media teaching tools.
Prepare students for success inside and outside of the classroom with this dynamic, bright, accessible course.

Key Features:
A forward-thinking, stimulating, interactive course with full grammar and literacy support.
Strong grammar-focused syllabus, to build students language skills.
A ‘Big Questions’ enquiry-based approach engages students and develops 21st century skills.
Grammar is presented in a story-based and character-driven context to highlight meaning.
Develop students’ confident in reading and writing with a structured literacy approach.
Capture your students’ imaginations with extensive reading and writing activities.

Share the adventures of Daisy, Robin and their favourite toy, Mouse, as they dress up in different costumes and explore the world through imaginative play! This course takes a whole-child approach, embracing multiple intelligences to give every student the best start to their English learning journey.
Key Features: 
Mouse and Me!’s lively adventures featuring Daisy, Robin and Mouse’s different costumes capture children’s imaginations and teach important values
-Whole-child approach supports children’s cognitive, emotional, physical, social and language development
-Cross-curricular Smart topics develop multiple intelligences
-Encourages learning by doing with interactive songs, stories with opportunities to join in, crafts, indoor and outdoor activities, a fun mouse puppet and 3D pop-outs
-Digital material for every lesson, including live-action songs, cross-curricular real world clips, story and song animations
-Flexible and fun phonics programme.

Own it! – It’s your world. (CEFR Levels: A1+ – B1+)
We live in a rapidly changing world. With Own It!, teens develop the confidence and competencies they need to forge their own path in this ever-evolving global landscape.From developing critical and creative thinking skills and social/emotional aptitudes to working effectively in a group, Own it! helps create confident, future-ready learners who are able to meet the challenges ahead.  

Key Features:
-Become a more independent learner using The Cambridge Life Competencies Framework.
-Practice the skills to work effectively with others on collaborative projects.
-Get inspired through global, cross-curricular topics and up to 45 videos per level.
-Build the confidence to succeed in A2 Key for Schools, B1 Preliminary for Schools and other international exams.
-Features mobile-friendly Practice Extra and a cutting-edge digital collaboration space

Smart Start is a high-level pre-primary course for children aged between 3 and 5, Divided into three levels, the course offers a fun and “smart start” to very young learners. Smart Start is designed to nurture the language development of the children whilst also nurturing their emotional, creative, mathematical and physical growth, as they move from nursery through kindergarten to the start of primary school.
Delightful stories bring a range of values into the English language classroom, while age-appropriate activities help children develop vocabulary skills, learn English sounds through phonics lessons, discover numbers and practise pre-reading and pre-writing skills.Smart Start’s key objective is to make the children enjoy their first educational experience, maintaining their natural motivation and enthusiasm for learning English.

Ready for… contains 8 full practice tests for the 2020 revised A2 Key for School/B1 Preliminary for Schools qualification. The first two tests also include stepby- step guidance on how to tackle each paper, including useful tips for candidates ensuring exam success. The audio tracks of the Listening Papers are downloadable through the ELI LINK app. Students can also download the audio tracks from the Publisher’s website.

Confident in learning. Confidence for life.
CEFR Levels: A1 – B1
Power Up provides the perfect start to life’s great adventure, creating ‘future ready’ learners who embrace life with confidence. Meet vibrant characters who students will love; foster collaboration through real-world missions; deepen learners social and cognitive skills; explore embedded exam preparation; and expand the skill-set ensuring everyone reaches their full potential.
Key Features:  
-Missions, multi-stage projects set in real-life contexts that run from start to end of every unit develop collaboration skills and enable learners to visualise their progress.
-Exam preparation and practice are naturally embedded in every unit to familiarise learners with activity structures, tasks types and strategies to complete exams successfully.
-Literature pages develop social and emotional competencies following the Cambridge Life Competencies Framework.
-Animations, documentaries and audio recordings enhance language presentation and practice, and cross-curricular lessons.
-The course that grows with students and provides a bridge to Secondary with a more teenage-focused design, topics and learning strategies.

A series of graded, full colour grammar exercise books for young adults designed to be used either in the classroom or as self-study material.
Exercise Book + Audio CD
• Clear and easy-to-follow structure: explanations, examples, exercises.
• Exercises in order of increasing difficulty: from guided to open-ended.
• Wide variety of exercise types including ones requiring personal responses from the student.
• Listening-based activities using the accompanying Audio CD.
• Round-up exercises covering multiple structures.
• Final revision section covering the major grammar points presented.
• Verb, pronunciation and punctuation tables.
• Audioscripts.
Online Teacher’s Resources
• Answers to all exercises available to teachers.

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